Plant-Based Help for Hot Flashes

Are your hot flashes driving you crazy? Before you strip down and head for the nearest cold shower, let Relizen help!

Hot flashes are a normal symptom of menopause, and almost all women experience them. While experts can’t agree about why hot flashes happen, they’re likely a symptom of decreased estrogen production. Although hot flashes are uncomfortable and can keep you up at night or distract you from work, they aren’t dangerous. But who wants to suddenly feel like they walked into a pizza oven at a work meeting? Some women’s hot flashes are more severe than others, but everyone wants relief.

Relizen wants to help women manage their hot flash symptoms. That’s why we’re here to share safe remedies that can reduce the duration, severity and frequency of hot flashes.

Best Remedies for Hot Flashes

  • Breathing and stress reduction: Using your own body to manage hot flash symptoms is as natural as it gets. During hot flashes, take deep, slow breaths to calm yourself. Reducing anxiety and stress is key to minimizing menopause
  • Loose-fitting clothing: Say goodbye to tight jeans and blouses. Loose clothing made of natural fibers breaths well and won’t hold in
  • Daily exercise: Even if it’s just a short walk, frequent exercise and fresh air can reduce hot flashes and other menopause

Managing Hot Flash Symptoms

Managing hot flash symptoms starts with a healthy lifestyle, plenty of sleep and adequate hydration are all important to help the body during menopause. The best part is all these healthy habits are good for your mental and overall health too. Don’t manage menopause symptoms with dread! Use this time to develop healthy habits so you can live a long, healthy life.

Remember: Once you’re postmenopausal, you can expect the hot flash symptoms to significantly reduce, especially if you continue those healthy eating habits.

Help When You Need It

Sometimes hot flashes are unbearable, no matter what you do. We understand and are here to help. The safe, non-hormonal treatment Relizen can help women reduce and manage hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause. The plant-based treatment is made from a Swedish pollen extract and is both safe and effective. Try Relizen today to take control of your hot flashes.


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