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Seven Terrible Times for Menopause Hot Flashes and How to Cope

Menopause Hot Flashes Can Occur at Awkward Times – Stay Cool and Calm! Let’s be honest – there is no good time to have menopause hot flashes. Some situations are worse than others, however. We rounded up some helpful tips for getting through those… Continue Reading →

What Is One of the Least-Known, Most Common Symptoms of Menopause?

Hint: 61% of Women Over 50 Have It but Few Know Menopause Causes It Women’s eyes have been the subject of poems and songs throughout the ages. How ironic that many women, with eyes so lovely to look at, reach… Continue Reading →

What Triggers Hot Flashes? 5 Surprising Foods on the List

One Hint: Hot Stuff Can Trigger Hot Flashes If you’re experiencing hot flashes you’re not alone. Most women going through menopause suffer from them. They usually last anywhere from six months to two years, although they can go on longer…. Continue Reading →

Do You Really Know What You Need to About Menopause Symptoms?

Destroy These Seven Myths About Your Menopause Symptoms There’s a lot of information online and circulating among women about “The Change.” However, you can’t believe everything you read online or hear from your friends. It’s important to separate the information… Continue Reading →

Menopause Hot Flashes: Not That Unusual on Popular TV

Menopause hot flashes, which can occur anytime during the day or night, aren’t a condition you see highlighted regularly on television. But they’re not that unusual either. Some popular TV shows have tackled “the change” with drama, wit and even… Continue Reading →

Mixing Birth Control Pills and Menopause: What You Should Understand

While it becomes increasingly difficult for a woman to get pregnant as she moves into her 40s and approaches menopause, it’s not impossible. Just because you’ve skipped a period here and there it doesn’t mean that you’ve reached menopause. We… Continue Reading →

How to Cope with Hair Loss During Menopause

If you’re in menopause, you’re probably woefully familiar with hot flashes and mood swings, but if you’ve been experiencing hair loss during menopause, it may have come as an unpleasant shock. While most of us don’t expect to possess the… Continue Reading →

How to Handle Menopause Hot Flashes at Night

Women today who have reached or are about to reach menopause can probably remember their mothers or grandmothers saying, “Men sweat. Women glow.” That saying has come down through the years to color our attitudes, making many of us feel… Continue Reading →

How a Fitness Regimen Helps Combat Menopause Symptoms

If your idea of exercise is a good brisk conversation– you’re not alone. A Gallup survey showed that only one out of two adults between the ages of 45 and 64 get at least 30 minutes of exercise three times… Continue Reading →

Sleepwear to Stay Cool with Hot Flashes at Night

Hot flashes at night, nighttime perspiration, “sweaty beddy” or the medical term, “sleep hyperhidrosis” – whatever you call it, these terms all describe one of the most disruptive and uncomfortable symptoms of menopause. They can range from mild to extremely… Continue Reading →

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